Our Story

Mission Statement

At Worden Safety Products our mission is to provide friendly and knowledgeable assistance in the selection and purchase of well suited wheel chocks for your vehicle.


  • Satisfy our customers orders with timely acknowledgements and advisements.
  • Facilitate multiple product options through a simple order process.
  • Offer quality, innovative wheel chocks with emphasis on convenient purchasing and value for the end user.

Our History

Worden Safety introduced the first modern wheel chock in 1949! We have a long history of helping companies secure their vehicles to prevent dangerous and costly mishaps. Worden Safety is wheel chocks - wheel chocks and your safety are our only concerns.

Worden Safety is the birthplace of the modern chock. Our orinal chock, the HWC, was immediately popular and widely used through the 1950's and 60's. The patented, highly advanced features of this wheel chock were unprecedented. In 1965, Worden Safety was incorporated and HWC's were heavily distributed nationwide for loading docks and fire trucks. The HWC model was redsigned in 1985 to greatly enhance coefficients of friction.

Today, we have expanded our line-up to include wheel chocks for every vehicle or rolling device conceivable. We look forward to finding the right chock for you!